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Msi Computer Corp. Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel - Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77 Mpower

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Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel
Msi Computer Corp Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77 Mpower Image 1Msi Computer Corp Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77 Mpower Image 2Msi Computer Corp Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77 Mpower Image 3Msi Computer Corp Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77 Mpower Image 4Msi Computer Corp Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77 Mpower Image 5Msi Computer Corp Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77 Mpower Image 6Msi Computer Corp Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel Lga 1155 Motherboards Z77 Mpower Image 7

MSI Computer Corp.

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Do you need to get hold of a motherboard for your computer? The Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel a great EVGA motherboard manufactured by Msi Computer Corp. is a superb motherboard. I think you will like that the product comes with this feature of slots: 3x pci-express 3. 0 x16 slots, 4x pci-express 2. 0 x1 slots. Additional features consist of cpu: lga1155 and chipset: intel z77. It's 9.6" Height x 12" Length x 3" Width. It has a weight of 1 lbs. Check into a few different brand names if you do not have one specially that you simply favour. This method will assist you to purchase an amazing EVGA motherboard that you enjoy! Anytime you are buying a EVGA MB, consider a manufacturer's warranty. Remember that extended warranties are offered, but they come at a cost and are all too often excessive. Shopping for the Motherboard DDR3 2600 Intel, add to cart by selecting the link below.

The all-new Z77 MPower from MSI is a true game-changer. 0 ports (2 rear/6 front) HDMI and Display Port outputsOnboard Wi-Fi IEEE 802. 0+HSLearn MoreSUPPORTING THE FASTEST CPU AND MEMORY CONFIGURATIONS ON THE PLANET 0 ports (6 rear/2 front) , 8x USB 2. 11b/g/n and Bluetooth 3. 1 Surround) HD Audio with THX Tru Studio Pro, Gigabit LAN2x SATA 6Gb/s with RAID, 4x SATA 3Gb/s with RAID8x USB 3. With an industry-first factory burn-in test under heavy overclocking conditions, an optimized PCB layout with 6-pin PCI-E energy for multi-GPU configurations, and Total System Control via convenience features like Go2BIOS button, Multi BIOS II switch, and 4-pin PWM fan headers for complete fan adjustment capability, the Z77 MPower board is the new King of Endurance inside the performance game! Key FeaturesSupport for 3rd Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron processors for socket LGA1155Intel Z77 Express Chipset4DIMM memory slots, 32GB capacity with support for DDR3 up to 3000MHZ (OC) Dedicated 12-phase CPU power design with Certified Components3x PCI-E 3. 0 x16 physical slots with AMD Crossfire X and NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU support8-channel (7. With a striking matte black PCB, and Lightning-inspired graphics from our award-winning graphics card line, the Z77 MPower screams performance.

With help for Intel's 3rd Generation Core household of processors, the Z77 MPower begs for the best of the best. The Z77 MPower also features an industry-first 24 hour factory burn-in test generating use of Prime95 under heavy CPU overclocking conditions. This tends to make it feasible for the Z77 MPower to be tested under strenuous conditions before shipping for the public, ensuring maximum performance and stability. OPTIMIZED FOR PERFORMANCE It is optimized for use with K-series unlocked CPUs, and when paired with 22nm Intel processors, a total of 32GB of DDR3 memory are supported up to 3000MHz beneath overclocking.

It is no secret the Z77 MPower looks familiar. Drawing from the lineage of our award-winning Lightning graphics cards, the Z77 MPower is designed from the ground up to be pushed beyond the typical performance barrier. With a matte black PCB that is 50% thicker than standard configurations, the Z77 MPower can pushes what is feasible multi-GPU performance and overclocking. OPTIMIZED THERMAL DESIGN: LOW AIRFLOW HEATSINK, SUPERPIPE The optimized layout also ensures proper airflow, even when using non-reference cooling solutions on graphics cards.

With most performance CPUs chilled via water cooling systems today, the Z77 MPower capabilities a heatsink design that meets this need. This provides an aggressive feel that allows the Z77 MPower to not just have the visual appeal, but to have the thermal performance to back up the looks. ENHANCED POWER DESIGN: 6-PIN PCI-E POWER PLUG, V-CHECK POINTS, DEBUG LED The energy system on the board is cooled through oversized heatsinks that can efficiently dissipate heat under little/no airflow conditions, at the same time as the heatsinks feature a striking yellow accent from our Lightning series of video cards. Found on our most high end graphics card thermal solution, Twin Frozr, the 8mm Super Pipe is the largest heatpipe design identified on any motherboard on the marketplace. The heatsinks also incorporate our Super Pipe design.

The Z77 MPower gives a 6-pin PCI-E plug for improved power delivery for the PCI-E slots. TOTAL SYSTEM CONTROL: CLICKBIOS II, GO2BIOS, MULTI BIOS II, TOTAL FAN CONTROL This is especially useful for multi-GPU overclocking configurations, and provides extra power for PCI-E devices. After boot, the LED displays the CPU temperature in real time. The Debug LED also provides visual readout of system status, so concerns might be swiftly diagnosed at system startup. The V-Check points allow usage of a multimeter to monitor board voltages, ensuring stable and accurate overclocking under any condition.

Not to leave out software control, the Z77 MPower features our revolutionary Click BIOS II graphical UEFI. In addition, the Z77 MPower is equipped with two BIOS chips on board that is easily selected via a switch on the PCB. Blue/green LED lights show which BIOS chip is in active use. To supply a better BIOS experience, we've implemented the Go2BIOS button that allows direct booting to Click BIOS II beneath any system state with the push of a button. Lastly, the Z77 MPower features a full 4-pin PWM fan header design, permitting users to adjust system fan speed through BIOS or our desktop software program suite, eliminating the want for third party or case fan controls.


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