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Gigabyte GA-B75N Intel B75 Express Motherboard

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GAB75N Intel B75 Express Motherboard


Package Quantity: 1

Mod any machine with a GA-B75N Intel B75 a great product from Gigabyte. The features are weight: 1. 500 lbs and upc: 818313016560. It weighs something like 1.5 lbs. Best deal on Gigabyte GA-B75N Intel B75 Express Motherboard.

Customize your pc the way you want generating use of the GIGABYTE Intel B75 Express Motherboard. This motherboard lets you install a efficient graphics card into its PCI Express X16 slot. You also get up to six USB ports, two HDMI inputs, five audio out jacks, and four SATA headers for connecting your numerous devices. Thanks to its support for DDR3 1600 MHz memory, you can install up to 16GB of RAM to make sure a stable system. Order the GIGABYTE Intel B75 Express Motherboard nowadays! This mini-ITX motherboard functions an LGA 1155 interface which is compatible with the Intel Core i7, i5, i3, and Celeron processors.


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